UAE Inland Transport

We are owners of strong fleet of FB trucks and have access to twice the number of Flat bed and Low bed from our associate truck owners. We Insurance covers all cargos case by case.

GCC Overland Freight

  • Have transported over spot market Flat bed and Low bed cement silos to Saudi on behalf of a Dubai-based shipping company.
  • Drilling equipment on temporary basis to Amman and returned successfully for a UAE freight forwarder.
  • Have transported for KGL Kuwait from and to GCC countries, for Iraq destinations through Military Gate & through commercial gate.
  • Transportation may successful trips to all Schlumberger Co. sites from Kuwait to all GCC Countries, and to Rumailah, Iraq, with full processor of clearance, loading, trans loading, de stuffing even from land Borders or ports.
  • Our company branch in Egypt is supplier for all fresh & frozen foods, with transportation to all GCC Countries.
  • Having transported for the reconstruction of Rumailah refinery 2006-2011 (UNIS’s supply & commissioning of refinery equipment), the many vendors and contractors of South Oil Company, CNPC mobilization early this year and the on-going Weatherford operations (both a port and on road via Saudi and Kuwait) we have obtained high proficiency in duty exempt clearance for temporary and permanent import of refinery and oil field, with arrange storage solutions.
  • We are capable of handling shipments at the SEA Port of UMM QASR/IRAQ providing custom clearance & Delivery. Also in transit shipment from Kuwait tolraq for Militarry and commercial sector, also all shipments arrived Basra Air port.
  • We look forward for business opportunity with your company and appreciate if you may include us in your vendor list.
  • If the shipment, Oil field Equipments :
  • Documents:
  • Commercial invoice, legalize from Iraq Embassy
  • Packing list
  • Country of origin certificate, legalize from Iraq Embassy
  • Contact no. written in the invoice
  • Each page must have the invoice no.
  • Authorization letter to our company name